How to Make Felt Balls in Any Color

Felt balls are the easiest and most fun item you can make any time with just some felt wool and water. These are used to make coasters, as a wall hanging, decorative garlands of every color, and for every occasion. The best part about them is that you can make it in just a few minutes, and they are the brightest and most lovable to watch.

You can use them to tie up stuff for your kids’ nursery or create anything you wish to if your creativity strikes. HomeBnc, a home decor blog, also shares some fantastic ideas on making handmade items that neither cost much nor saves time.

Below are the steps for making Felt balls of any color –

Cutting – The first step you need to do is cut the felt of about 4″ length while cutting. You have to make sure how much you want to cut, depending upon the size of the balls you want and the width of your felt.

Stretching – Now, you need to stretch the felt wool so thin until it looks like a little piece of cotton candy, just like in the picture. When you are done stretching check for any darker spots if you find any stretch them too.

Soapy Water – Make soapy water with a quarter amount of dish soap into an empty container and add some hot water to it. Make sure to mix it properly and do not let any bubbles form. If the water is too hot to touch, add just a little bit of cold water to it.

Making of The Ball 1 – Hold the felt in your palm, use the other hand, and start twisting the felt with your fingertips while bringing the edges in the middle. You will see a rough ball shape being formed. Once you have a loose ball, pour some hot water over it. Now the ball has both wet and dry side. Hold the west side of the ball up so that when you pour some plain hot water into it, the soap moves to the drier side.

Making of The Ball 2 – With your palm, gently roll the felt into a tighter ball using as much hot water as needed. Ensure that the water has not got cold and squeeze the felt if there is some extra water in it. By rolling it gently, all the fibers of the felt get connected. Again, start rolling gently to make a ball.

Making of The Ball 3 – Once you have a loose ball with no cracks, press them down hard and continue to roll until it becomes of the size you want them. You will be able to know if the ball is of the right size by squeezing the ball between two fingers, and it will not be able to compress much, leaving you with the right amount of felt.

Remember not to push down the ball too hard as the cracks might appear. The felt balls will expand in size once they are dried. In the end, use a little bit of water to rinse the soap off and let them dry.

Final – Once the balls are dried out, you can now use them however you want, tie them up with a string of thread and hang them in your baby’s room, or make a coaster out of them, or a garland, pretty much anything.


Felt balls are available in many colors like orange-tomato, pink trio, butter-cheddar, rose-cranberry, sunshine yellow, and many more. Felt balls brighten up your room and are good for the kids.

You can even innovate a game to be played with your kids and dogs. Making them is very easy; all you must do is include your sense of creativity into it. Make a garland or a wall hanging, as shown in the pictures, or pretty much anything.

Yes, it does take a few tries to get the ball’s shape correctly, but you will not stop making more and more of them once you do. You can even make some and store for further use. However, it is better to make fresh balls as they will be more open while you display them.

You can even decorate the balls once they are dried out by putting pearls on them or sprinkles, do not use glitter or sparkles as they will stick to the balls and are hard to clean.…

The Best Cricut Machine for Beginners

Electronic cutting machines are handy for DIY. They can help in carving images out of different materials. Cricut is a manufacturer of electronic cutting machines well-known for their precision and quality.

Another advantage of Cricut machines is their superior power and ease of usage. You may be a beginner or a pro; irrespective of your sheer brilliance, Cricut machines get the best out of your skills. But here we are explicitly talking about beginners.

With so many options even amongst the Cricut models, finding the right one is always challenging, mainly when it needs to fulfill your specific needs. Many beginners mainly err when they buy the latest model and are then clueless about its usage.

Many experts and DIY pros suggest that, as a beginner, it is always better to go with the old and most used electronic cutters. Then once you are accustomed to the machine, you can go for the tech-savvy one!

Beginners need not worry! We have listed the two most reliable and best Cricut machines for beginners. Please go through it and choose the one according to your requirement.


Why Only Cricut?

When you ask the existing customers of Cricut, then they surely will recommend the Cricut machine. Such is the quality of their machines! Customer feedbacks have mentioned that they are best in terms of quality. Another popular opinion regards Cricut machines are more user-friendly and best suitable for beginners!

Cricut has an extensive library of images and templates when compared to its competitors. They even have one of the best customer support services and thus are ideal if you are a beginner.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Our first recommendation is the Cricut Explore Air 2 because this machine is highly regarded for its value for money.

This popular and inexpensive machine is ideal for beginners. You can customize t-shirts and mugs too. This machine is handy for DIY projects and home décor. If you’re a DIY enthusiast and interested in home décor, then do visit Homebnc for a new DIY project and home décor ideas.

You can share your design projects from your devices (smartphones, laptops, and PCs) to Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. This function is very handy and convenient, according to many DIY enthusiasts. You can print and then subsequently cut full-color images with this machine.

The machine comes with an inbuilt premium German Carbide blade, guide, cardstock sample, and standard cutting mat.

Apart from its price, this machine (mainly software) is regarded every easy to learn. It is regarded as one of the quietest machines. Circuit Explore Air 2 is undoubtedly not the quickest electronic cutting machine but ideal for beginners.

Another advantage for beginners is that this Cricut machine has a good resale value. It is useful for DIY enthusiasts who would like to buy the latest model once they get accustomed to electronic cutting machines.


  • Can be used to cut a large variety of material and comes with CutSmart technology:
  • The machine can cut over 100 materials, which indeed is very useful for any DIY enthusiast. Cut Smart technology is used for ensuring precise cuts.
  • Has embedded Bluetooth feature and wireless cutting:
  • Embedded Bluetooth technology is a beneficial and exciting feature. This enables wireless cutting by using the Cricut Design App (available for both iOS and android).
  • Presence of Smart Set Dial function:
  • Many DIY enthusiasts have been fond of its Smart Set Dial function. It allows setting an appropriate pressure and depth for cutting.
  • Free access to Cricut design software:
  • Another thing DIY enthusiast is fascinated off is the free access to Cricut’s design software. You can also upload your designs to the machine.


  • Value for Money.
  • User-friendly software
  • A large number of pictures and templates are available for DIY projects.


  • Not a quick machine.

Note: – Many experts rate Explore Air 2 as the best Cricut machine for vinyl.

Cricut Maker :

The Cricut Maker is also very easy for beginners to learn, just as the Cricut Explore Air 2. It is one of the fastest and quietest electronic cutting machines. It is regarded as one of the best machines for fabrics and thick materials.

Though the Cricut Maker is much more expensive than Explore Air 2. But it also comes with additional perks such as more speed, extra quietness, and easy-to-use for thick materials.


  • Cricut Maker comes with a suite of 12+ tools, which comes in handy for writing, engraving, cutting & other effects. This is an immediate standout for this device amongst the other Cricut machines.
  • The Maker comes with a rotary blade which can perform both rolling and gliding function. This makes cutting a bit easier.
  • It comes with a USB port and docking slot.


  • It comes with hundreds of images, patterns, and templates.
  • You can use Bluetooth and a wireless connection facility to connect with your devices (smartphones, laptops, and PCs).
  • It can cut a wide range and variety of materials and comes with magnanimous power.


  • Knife Blades must be ordered separately.
  • It has a minimal and restricted cutting space, which hampers the functionality.