Moving Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Shifting to a new home, flat, or apartment is fun and exciting, but the thought and hard work behind packing and moving your things are challenging. And let us be honest, most of us hate packing because there are so many items to pack, less material, and no way to fit everything in just one tiny box.

Well, guess what, you can fit everything in one tiny box. With HomeBNC creative ways, you can quickly learn how to fold and keep everything in one box, carrying fewer boxes when you move. It is a home decor blog that also shows multiple ways to change or redecorate your home. In this article, we will give you some moving tips which can make your travel easy.

Remove Excess Items – Before you plan to move, get rid of all the extra and not need any more stuff you have in your home. It can be anything from a brush to mirror to the blanket to chair to table to books. Some of the ways that you can get rid of the extra items in your home are –

Donate it. Be it your kids’ books, or any clothes that don’t fit anymore, toys that are no longer being used, board games, or any other item that you feel you don’t want in your new home or need to buy another, donate them to charities or organizations which you can easily find online.

See which items you can and wish to sell. It can be your shoes or books in good condition or notebooks/notepads, or even furniture.

Pick the Days – Pick the right moving day, where you do not have to meet your friends, or there is no family occasion. Check the same with your partner and kids. It is best to pick the day when there is no holiday as the traffic gets tough.

Weekdays are the best or moving than weekends. After you have picked your moving day, figure out the route you will take from your old home to your new home so that you do not get all worried at the last moment.

Research – It is essential to choose the right company for moving. You can either ask your friends or family if they know any company or you can research. Researching can be tiring, but you should confirm that the company is licensed and will even carry items that are not packed like your closets, beds, etc.

Labeling – The best way to move your boxes in an organized way is to label them. It will be easier to unpack items when you shift. You can label them according to your room or according to the items in the boxes. Any way you want to, label them in a way that is easy for you to remember.

Fragile Items – When packing your fragile items like decorative pieces, vases, paintings, dishware, or any other item made of glass, make sure that you pack them in bubble wrapping or blankets. Keep them neatly and covered correctly as they might break during the speed bumps.

Personal Bag – Keep a few personal boxes of essential and essential items with you so that if, in any case, any mishap happens, your essential items will be safe with you. Check for medicines, money, important documents, files, etc. and make a separate box for them to take with you in your car.

Take Pictures – Just for your safety, click pictures of all your electronic items, their model number, or any identification point. Similarly, click pictures of your paintings or any other expensive antique item. This way, when you unpack your stuff, and some item is missing, you can easily cross-check from your photos.

Heavy Furniture – Make boxes of every room together when you load your furniture, all the boxes of the living room should be together, and the same goes for every room. When you load your boxes, make sure to load the heavy ones first as they are at more risk of falling or getting broken.

A Good Host – On your last day in your old home, make your family’s most favorite recipes, pick out the best movie, and spend a magical last day remembering all the memories you created there and will create in your new home. Be a good host always.


These moving tips will come in handy when you want to shift; make sure to follow each tip carefully. Packing your stuff, labeling them, and then moving can all be a tedious task. It would help if you were prepared days before so that there is no clutter on the last day.…